List available desktop files under .local/share/applications and /usr/share/applications/

  • To list available folders, run : gsettings get folder-children.
  • To get the content of the Sundry folder, run : gsettings get apps.
  • To add a new folder called New-folder, run : gsettings set folder-children "['Utilities', 'Sundry', 'PlayOnLinux', 'New-folder']"
  • Create a new .desktop file like :


[Desktop Entry]

Name=New folder Name

Comment=A comment



  • Add a folder name to the new folder with : gsettings set name "New-folder.desktop"
  • To add applications into the new folder, run : gsettings set apps "['abc.desktop', 'xyz.desktop']"

If you need to add a new desktop entry into a existing folder, do not forget to add again all the content of the folder in addition to the new entry.